Wastewater Treatment – INNOQUA

Wastewater Treatment

LLactacamp 4.0 – University of Cuenca

Llactacamp 4.0 is an annual event at the University of Cuenca (UCU) in Ecuador initiated by the university’s “Sustainable Cities Research Group”. This year’s focus is on the “Learning City”. Augusta Hermida and Andrés Alvarado, our local partners from “iDRHICA”, …

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R2M presented INNOQUA in Milano, Italy
Dipl.-Ing. Domenico Perfido (R2M) during his presentation
On 1 and 2 Dec our Italian partner R2M presented the INNOQUA project at the Water Workshop organised by the Milano Airports operator SEA. The theme of the two-day event was water reuse,
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INNOQUA at the HABITAT III Conference

First international presentation of INNOQUA at the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador, 17 – 20 October 2016. At the stand of the Commission of the European Union, INNOQUA was presented by Maria Augusta Hermida (University of Cuenca, Ecuador), Stefan …

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