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INNOQUA is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project involving 20 partners that seeks to demonstrate in real conditions a modular system for water treatment based on the purifying capacity of biological microorganisms (earthworms, zooplankton and microalgae).

The configuration of the system will be adjusted according to the targeted markets in order to answer the most possible market needs. The final objective of the project is to provide an ecological water sanitation system for rural areas and communities, for industries with specific characteristics (such as agriculture and aquaculture), for sustainable home-builders or collective housing owners and for developing countries worldwide.

Under the coordination of Nobatek, a renowned French Research and Technology Organisation, 20 partners from 11 countries located all over the world are working on the integration of the different technologies into a single modular system, its testing and demonstration in real conditions.

20partners in one eu-funded wastewater treatment project
1000children under 5 die each day from water borne diseases

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INNOQUA Open Day in Quito, Ecuador
The INNOQUA demo site in Quito was the first of 11 INNOQUA demo sites to organize its open day, offering opportunities to demonstrate a real use of the solution to local stakeholders.
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INNOQUA project meeting in Arequipa, Peru
INNOQUA project partner UCSM graciously hosted representatives of eleven partners at the eighth INNOQUA project meeting, held in the shadow of volcanoes in Peru’s second city, Arequipa.
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INNOQUA at IWA Water and Development Congress in Colombo
In an INNOQUA-hosted workshop and at our booth, more than 50 international experts engaged in a lively discussion on regulatory and social barriers in Asia’s megacities.
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INNOQUA consists of 20 partner institutions

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