Expected impacts


INNOQUA will demonstrate comprehensive technological, economic, environmental and societal benefits of the innovative bio-based modular water treatment system and will:

  • Enhance confidence among end-users and stakeholders regarding the long-term sustainable benefits of the system in a range of realistic applications and location
  • Widespread market uptake both inside and outside Europe via new business generation
  • Economic benefits estimated in 28M€/y increased revenues,
    560 full-time jobs and 1000 MWh/y (or 21100€/y) of energy savings
  • Promote European leadership in addressing worldwide off-grid sanitation needs
  • Generate LCA positive impacts regarding chemical and resources use
  • Reduced stress on and solution for the EU aging water infrastructure
  • Reduce release of untreated/poorly treated wastewater and avoid GHG emissions equal
    to 625 Tons CO2eq/y
  • Improve sanitation and health conditions in both rural and underdeveloped regions
  • Foster the aims of EU strategies (EIP on Water, SPIRE PPP, EU ETV programme)