INNOQUA Daphniafilter prototype – working at maximum efficiency – INNOQUA

INNOQUA Daphniafilter prototype – working at maximum efficiency


Good news from the INNOQUA project! The Daphniafilter prototype located at the wastewater treatment plant of our partner University of Girona is currently working allowing the Daphniafilter to maintain an optimal efficiency as tertiary treatment. With the technical improvements introduced by our INNOQUA Partner INBROOLL, the Daphnia magna concentration has increased achieving 410 individuals/L.  The daphnia individuals found in the Daphniafilter have the optimum size to obtain the maximum filtration efficiency. Hence, the new design of the in the Daphniafilter prototype promote the maximum cleansing efficiency for wastewater treatment. Observations and analysis reveal the presence of daphnia neonates, indicating that environmental conditions are optimal for the daphnia development. However, the results evolution will be continued analysed to reach depuration improved.

Photos from left to right:

1) Top view of the Daphniafilter prototype. 2) Close view of the wastewater surface where some daphnia individuals can be seen. 3) Daphnia population sample was taken from the Daphniafilter.